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Welcome in the library of Sportvisserij Nederland.

On this site you can search as a visitor in the complete library of Sportvisserij Nederland. The collection can be considered as one of the largest of Europe on fish and water. A large number of subscriptions on both scientific and popular illustrated magazines keeps the collectie current. Moreover so-called grey literature is collected actively. It is possible to lend a book for a certain time. Here you find the policy of Sportvisserij Nederland on this and how it works. It is also possible to visit the library of Sportvisserij Nederland physically. Then you can search for articles in magazines, read them and its possible to copy them against cost. If you visit the library you must make an appointment with the librarian and you must have prepared your search operation by means of this Internet site, if you have any questions:bibliotheek@sportvisserijnederland.nl

With opening this collection Sportvisserij Nederland wants its knowledge and information made available and this way make a contribution to the quality of everybody's work where it concerns fish and water.